Sergey Akopov

The paintings of Sergey Akopov have a glaze on old technology, which includes several coats of paint to achieve the effect of transparency and vibrancy of the colors. This process is combined with the "sfumato" (evaporation, transience, contours) technique.

The play of light and dark, dominated with extreme subtlety, is the origin of the strong sense of depth that make the works of Sergey Akopov.

In his figurative art pieces Sergey Akopov seeks answers to questions of a human and universal nature. The world of the little man, manifested in surreal situations, such is the center of interest of the artist. The elements of naive and grotesque, which the artist uses, often only highlight a certain suprareality of the moment when the author has caught his hero. Whether it's a funambulist walking over the city or a fisherman carrying his big fish, they are all shown as they overcome internal barrier to something essential for them. The author therefore returns to the theme of the eternal movement of man, where compositions appearing simple from the outside acquire a symbolism and a magic sound.